Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Wearable Arts

This year for wearable arts we had to base our designs on festival and celebrations around the world. We were aloud to get into groups of up to 3. Our group was Me, Paris and Kaede, our festival was the Holi festival. It took us awhile to find what festival we wanted to do, and how we were going to make it. We thought about a lot like the Holi festival, Venice Carnival and Oktoberfest  (German beer festival), which got turned down by the teaches so we decided to just go with the Holi festival. We first began by ironing plastic bags together for our prototype. We ended up changing our design completely when we had finished our prototype. Our final design ended up looking pretty good. We made it by threading plastic bags through chicken wire that was shaped to Paris, we then hot glued butterflies to the wire. And for the skirt we used our ironed bags to make a skirt.

Here's our finished outfit ;)

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  1. Hey Maya. Congratulations to your team on getting third place in the Wearable Arts Show. You girls worked really hard and Paris looked amazing. Can you try and upload your picture again of your costume as it doesn't seem to be showing on your post.


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